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For Housing, Airbnb, Offices, Hotels, and Large Corporations

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Discover our advanced and reliable electronic lockings and access control,
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iTEC develops systems for access control and monitoring of people and vehicles to restricted areas of businesses, condominiums, casinos, hospitals and other environments that require security.

With design, production and development departments, by constantly investing in the quality of your team and betting on high value added relationships and the pursuit of dynamic complicity, iTEC proves to be a skilled and reliable partner with competitive advantages in the area of access control.

iTEC Solutions

Do you want to give access to family or guests remotely?

With iTEC OnAccess, you can be sure that all your access management is done with complete security through your mobile device.
A great solution for AIRBNB and for all situations where you need to manage keys in real time and online.

Create Access Codes by SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, Email or RFID´s devices, such has Cards, Bracelets etc

Intuitive & Pratical

With iTEC OnAccess, you can be sure that all your access management is done with complete security, through your mobile device.



Professional Solution
iTEC OnAccess Pro is an expansion of the iTEC OnAccess APP, where in addition to being able to control your accesses remotely, you can manage them by groups and work plans.
iTEC Hybrid
Versatile Solution

iTEC Hybrid software is professional multi-level access control software. It can be integrated with any access control and other security device.

Hotel Management Solution

OnHospitality software is a professional access control management software for the hospitality sector, with real-time information sharing.

iTEC Products

Solution that allows an easy and secure entry to a building or room.

A simple and effective security solution, allowing to see who is outside their door before opening it.

Components that can complement and enhance the functionally of access control systems.

Tools that allows users to open any types of entryways through an access control system.

Softwares designed to manage and control access to a particular area or building.

Allows users to grant or restrict access through a wall-mounted device.

Efficiently manage the flow people in and out of a particular area or building.

Can work with access control devices and softwares, providing additional features and capabilities.

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