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iTEC is committed to the best business practices

 iTEC reveals itself in this way as a skillful and reliable partner with competitive advantages in the area of access control

iTEC Story

Simplicity is the greatest sophistication!

iTEC works to be a leading company internationally and recognized for the quality and diversity of products and solutions offered in the area of access control. With the dedication of the entire team, motivation and passion, iTEC is committed to the best business practices.

With design, production and development departments, by constantly investing in the quality of its Team and investing in high value-added relationships and in the search for dynamic complicity, iTEC reveals itself in this way as a skillful and reliable partner with competitive advantages in the area of access control.


iTEC Story

Manage access control and attendance in different contexts!

With iTEC systems for access control and monitoring of people and vehicles to restricted areas of companies, condominiums, casinos, hospitals and other environments that need security, iTEC was developed with the aim of creating specific solutions for different needs, being innovative in adapting a range of access control with all the security guarantee that is required today.

These solutions include the simple control of a locker lock, with the possibility of configuring all access with or without software through intuitive programming, to the most complete hotel control system.

By investing in the most advanced technologies, iTEC products are characterized by a refined identity, conferred by the combination of rigorous quality tests with manual processes that guarantee the perfection and innovation of the products.
By constantly reinventing itself, iTEC equips itself with strategic resources that constitute the cornerstone of any organization’s competitiveness. 

Innovations in new products have major implications, since they are the result of a new strategy in response to needs and tend to define a new market and foster behavioral changes in consumers’ day-to-day lives.
As an international group, with partnerships and offices established in several countries, iTEC becomes a group on the scale of globalization in which we live today business.



Our mission presents integrated solutions in the access control area, with added value in technology and professional ethics, anticipating customer needs: security and satisfaction.


The iTEC company focuses on being a world leader in the access control sector and being recognized for its quality and diversity of products and solutions.


Our DNA!

What constitutes our Team?

With a team made up of elements specialized in different areas, the professional
environment also becomes an environment for acquiring new knowledge and valuing
the role that each one plays.

All the elements of the different departments have a better understanding of the role
and responsibility that each team plays in the daily life of the iTEC company, raising
the spirit of mutual help and internal communication.

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Where are we

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