SFT 01

SFT 01 is a management software with a modern, intuitive and extremely secure interface, defined to manage all functions related to access control. With this software you can carry out all the diversity of control desired and obtain the information of any lock with an innovative system for receiving data, this is only done through a proximity card. It allows the creation of numerous types of access cards in order to obtain the maximum quality and security in its services. From the Master Card, which allows you to open your entire hotel chain, to the simple limitation of opening the lock by many number of uses. Ideal for Hotels, Hostels, Hostels, Airports, Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies,…



   CB 08






  Ficha técnica

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• Tecnologia:
• Potência:
• Vida Útil da Bateria:
• Potência:
• Leds:
• Alarme de Bateria Fraca:
• Consumo:
• Tempo Aberto:
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• Liga de Zinco
• Mifare® (Classic ISO/iEC 14443-4)
• Cartão RF
• DC 4,5V (AA*3)
• ~8 meses
• Sim
• 3 Longos BIP
• 260mA
• 7s
• ~2000 Aberturas
• Sim
• IP56
• ≤ 55mm
• 0.5s
• ≥ 16mm