iTEC OnAccess​


Gives access to family or friends through iTEC OnAccess.

With iTEC On Access, you can be sure that all your access management is done with complete security through your mobile device.

You will decide who, when and where you will have access: at your door, garage, office, building, etc…

You can simply share the parameterized access code according to your needs. A great solution for AIRBNB and for all situations where you need to manage keys in real time and online.

Compatible with electronic cylinders, locks, keypads and other devices. Compatible with electronic cylinders, locks, keypads and other devices.

Create access codes, whether permanent, timed or periodic. After creating the code, you can share it through the most common means, whether by sms, whatsapp, messenger, email, wechat, etc. To open it, just enter the code in the terminal, without worrying about keys, APP or RFID.

iTEC OnAccess PRO


Manage wherever you are! At home, at work or traveling abroad!

iTEC On Access Pro is an expansion of the On Access APP where, in addition to being able to control your accesses remotely, you can manage them by groups and work plans.

You will be able to control all your needs, like a simple hostel manager, reservations, check-in and check-out and the management of service personnel like maintenance and cleaning service. With the advantage of being able to do all this remotely with your mobile device or web browser on your computer.

Through the iTEC OnAccess Pro APP, access your terminals locally via bluetooth or anywhere in the world via the peripheral gateway. You can also create digital keys with different access plans for different groups of people.

iTEC OnAccess Pro allows online management of all its users and all access systems. Whether to create, change or delete, users and accesses are all at the distance of a browser or the iTEC OnAccess APP.



Manage access control and attendance in different contexts!

ITEC Hybrid is a software for access control. It can be integrated with practically all existing terminals and in different access contexts.

You can configure multiple access zones, define groups with different access levels and plans. With the option to generate access reports and control tours, the iTEC Hybrid features a motion control panel and an iRemote software option.

Supported 2D plan and map deployment functionality to integrate video surveillance and license plate recognition systems makes iTEC Hybrid a dedicated software to be the solution for your need.

The ITEC Híbrido can be used on a web platform, protected by a password and username, allowing you to view the access logs that each employee performs in the various areas with installed terminals

With a multidisciplinary and specialized team iTEC integrates the digital economy sector as well as creative activity, providing resources and benefits to improve people’s safety and lifestyle.