iTEC Hybrid

It can be integrated with virtually all existing terminals and in various access contexts.
You can configure multiple access zones, define groups with different levels and access plans.
With the option to generate access reports and control tours, iTEC Hybrid features a motion control panel.
Compatible 2D plan and map deployment functionality to integrate video surveillance and license plate recognition systems makes iTEC Hybrid a dedicated software to be the solution to your need.


iTEC Hybrid


  • Number of Doors | Unlimited
  • Number of Users by Door | Unlimited 
  • User Management | Unlimited
  • User Groups | Unlimited
  • Multi Zones | 256
  • Daily Plans | 24
  • Weekly Plans | 52 
  • Blacklist | Unlimited
  • OCR Integration | Unlimited
  • CSS  – Camera Snapshot System | Unlimited
  • Easy Installation | Includes a Powerful SQL Engine
  • Database Protection | SQL or Windows Authentication
  • Interface | Multilingual and Configurable

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