Refood with iTEC and MAR Shopping

iTEC has joined with Refood and Mar Shopping of Matosinhos in this cause with one of our solutions, to facilitate controlled access for volunteers in the collection of food.

iTEC's commercial operations

In the context of the global Covid-19 outbreak, iTEC's commercial operations remain active with all WHO safety standards.
We will ensure costumer service and schedule shipping and receiving goods through our contact email: and mobile phones: +351 918 957 861 and +351 918 957 863.
We thank you all for your best understanding!

Measures of iTEC for COVID-19

iTEC, for an indefinite period, will adopt measures to guarantee a safe service to our customers and to reduce possible health risks for our co-workers,
partners, customers and the general public.

● Restrict access to our facilities.
● All meetings will be held by videoconference or by telephone.
● Apply all social and hygiene measures given by WHO.
● Remote work by personnel not essential to the normal production and distribution.



2019-12-19 11:56:22

Trade Agreement between iTEC and Tribolit

We are proud to announce a trade agreement with Trilobit. Another success of our Commercial Department of iTEC, represented here by Kleber Fernandes, with the CBDO of Trilobit - Rafael Andriolli and the Account Manager - Ricardo Feltrin.


2019-12-18 15:20:04

Partnership agreement between iTEC and Nobile Group

It is with great joy that we communicate a trade agreement with the Nobile Hotéis. Another excellent work of iTEC One Step Foward Commercial Department, here represented by Kleber Fernandes Andrade, along with the CEO of Nobile Grupo - Roberto Bertino and the Purchase and Deployment Manager - Rodolpho Berardinelli.

iTEC Day

2019-12-18 15:16:44

Training iTEC - STAM

iTEC went to Brazil to give formation at Stam Metalurgica, more than a job is a pleasure this partnership!

DECORHOTEL 2019 - 3rd Trade Show

2019-12-18 15:13:15

DECOR HOTEL 2019 - FIL | Exposalão, S.A.

To all who visited us during  DecorHotel, we express our sincere thanks, we hope that through us, they found the solution they were looking for! Also a word of recognition to Datelka, with which we made a joint participation in the fair, may we have a lot of success together!

iTEC on Access

2019-12-18 15:06:32

iTEC on Access APP

iTEC on Access is a service that can be an Airbnb Solution, for a local accommodation, a hostel or even a hotel, you can manage entry schedule for shared working spaces, share codes or digital keys of the office and even control access of your store.