iTEC Solutions

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Access control products that provide a range of solutions designed to enhance security and manage access to buildings and facilities. 
Includes Electronic Handles, Door Viewers, Accessories, Opening Devices, Turnstiles, Wall Readers and Electronic Accessories.

iTEC Products

Electronic Handles

A solution that allows an easy and secure entry to a building or a room, making this a popular choice for high-security areas.

iTEC Products

Door Viewers

A simple and yet effective security solution that allows users to see who is outside their door before opening it.

iTEC Products


Additional components that complement and enhance the functionality of access control systems.

iTEC Products

Opening Devices

Specialized tools that allows users to open doors, gates, and other types of entryways through an access control system.

iTEC Products


A program designed to manage and control access to a particular area or building, and works in conjunction with access control systems and devices.

iTEC Products


An access control solution that provides a secure and efficient way to manage the flow of people in and out of a particular area or building.

iTEC Products

Wall Readers

Allows users to grant or restrict access to a particular area or building through a wall-mounted device.

iTEC Products

Electronic Accessories

Specialized tools designed to work with access control devices and softwares, providing additional features and capabilities.

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